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i picture you in the sun wondering what went wrong

6 January 1989
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27. german. actor - tv addict. crazy. loud. shy. pensive. silly. impatient. wants to be perfect. lazy. ironic. moody. doubts everything. insecure.

tv. movies. music. internet. photoshop. fashion. food. english. sleeping late. swimming. winter. chap stick. snow. stars. acting. the sea. usa. traveling. sweets. shopping. kirsten dunst. tea. friends. hanging out. letters. massages. quotes. earrings. laptop.


90210. alphas. awkward. being human. bones. breaking bad. chuck. community. dexter. doctor's diary. doctor who. glee. gossip girl. grey's anatomy. grimm. hart of dixie. house. how i met your mother. misfits. nikita. once upon a time. one tree hill. pan am. parenthood. parks and recreation. pretty little liars. raising hope. sherlock. skins. shameless. suburgatory. teen wolf. the fades. the killing. the secret circle. the vampire diaries. torchwood. true blood.

10 things i hate about you. alias. brothers & sisters. buffy. dawson's creek. everwood. firefly. flashforward. friday night lights. friends. gilmore girls. greek. joan of arcadia. life unexpected. lost. prison break. pushing daisies. queer as folk (US). robin hood. rome. roswell. scrubs. sex and the city. the nine lives of chloe king. the oc. six feet under. veronica mars.


teddy/ian. matty/jenna. mitchell/annie. booth/brennan. chuck/sarah. dexter/lumen. gretchen/marc. doctor/river puck/quinn. dan/blair. alex/izzie. zoe/wade. barney/robin. nathan/kelly. simon/alisha. alex/thom. michael/nikita. sarah/mark. leslie/ben. andy/april. jimmy/sabrina. grace/rich. lip/karen. ian/mickey. george/dallas. stiles/lydia. paul/jay. anna/mac. caroline/tyler. owen/tosh. owen/gwen. sookie/eric. ron/hermione.

kat/patrick. buffy/spike. pacey/joey. pacey/andy. bright/hannah. amy/ephram. mal/inara. monica/chandler. matt/julie. tami/eric. rory/jess. luke/lorelai. luke/grace. cappie/casey. rusty/ashleigh. joan/adam. cate/baze. kate/sawyer. michael/sara. ned/chuck. brian/justin. robin/marian. michael/maria. j.d./elliot. carrie/big. chris/jal. cook/effy. chloe/alek. summer/seth. ryan/taylor. veronica/logan.


lord of the rings. x-men. a walk to remember. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. the notebook. american beauty. moulin rouge. donnie darko. garden state. romeo and juliet. walk the line. the virgin suicides. little miss sunshine. brokeback mountain. across the universe. (500) days of summer.

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